The Success of Poker Pro, Author & Pediatrician Max Stern

Dr. Max Stern is a very well-known figure in the poker industry because of the contributions he has made since 1989. What makes poker fans idolize him even more is the fact that he is not only a successful poker professional. Behind his success as a professional poker player, Dr. Max Stern is also a successful poker author. Furthermore, he has been achieving all the success in poker while he has also been achieving success as a pediatrician. Apparently, Dr. Max Stern is a man who is capable of concentrating on more than one career. His ability to multitask allows him to be well-respected not only in the world of poker but also in the world of medicine.

A resident of San Jose, Nevada, Dr. Max Stern was first recognized when he became the sixth placer in a Limit Razz event conducted during the 20th Annual World Series of Poker on May 8, 1989. Ever since he succeeded in such tournament, this poker professional has always been attending major poker tournaments.

Dr. Max Stern has had a number of cash finishes since 1989 but he has also experienced first prize victories. The first one was when this poker professional joined the 26th Annual World Series of Poker. He participated in a Limit Omaha Hi/Lo event that was held on May 1, 1995, won US$140,400 and a World Series of Poker bracelet.

Such first prize win happened again in 1997 during the 28th Annual World Series of Poker. Dr. Max Stern joined two events, namely, the Limit Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo and the No Limit Hold'em events, and won US$117,000 and US$237,615, respectively, aside from two World Series of Poker bracelets. All in all, this poker professional has already earned three World Series of Poker bracelets.

Dr. Max Stern is also one successful poker author. He co-wrote the book "Championship Stud" with fellow poker professionals Linda Johnson and Tom McEvoy.

Fans of Dr. Max Stern definitely know the key factors applied by the poker professional in order to maintain success in such industry. They know that Dr. Max Stern believes that perseverance and passion for the game are pertinent in order to make a mark in the industry.

Perhaps, such factors have also been applied by Dr. Max Stern's wife, Maria Stern, who has also earned her own World Series of Poker bracelet. Maria was not a poker professional when she met her husband, but he has been his inspiration to try venturing into such profession. Now, Maria applies the key factors that Dr. Max Stern has been applying to attain poker success.

Dr. Max Stern also lives by a poker philosophy. To quote, this poker professional believes that "in order to survive, you must be willing to die."

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The Success of Poker Pro

Dr. Max Stern follows a philosophy that has been making him successful in the world of poker despite the fact that he is also a busy pediatrician. His success as a poker player also paved the way for him to share his poker knowledge by writing a poker book. He has also been the inspiration of his wife who is now a poker professional herself.

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