Poker Profiles: Hasan Habib

Poker is certainly well-rounded. Professionals vying for title after title may come from anywhere in the world -- United States, United Kingdom, China, Vietnam, Pakistan. Almost every country in the globe has a representative in Poker. Unlike in other areas, there are not too many Poker players from the Middle East who have performed well enough to be recognized. That is why Hasan Habib's achievement is well-noted.

Hasan Habib was born on April 19, 1962 in Karachi, Pakistan. He spent his younger years in Pakistan but when he turned 18, he decided to make the move to the United States in search for a greener pasture. He entered the University of Redlands in California for college. After college, he held a successful business, which basically involves video tapes. His numerous video shops spread throughout California were put aside when Poker stole his attention in 1985.

Hasan was a cash game specialist for more than a decade before he jumped into the mainstream. As expected, his first few tries at entering high stake games are far from being productive. But with patience and persistence, Hasan eventually got his break. At the 2004 World Poker Tour event, Hasan made a killing at the final table. His efforts, however, fell short of a championship win. He only placed second to the sharp Martin De Kniff. The following year, Hasan entered the WPT championship again but this time, he only finished third.

If you think Hasan's successes at the WPT are impressive enough, think again! He has already cashed in seven times at the World Series of Poker since joining the league in 2000. His most memorable win, however, remains to be at the 2005 World Championship of Online Poker event organized by Hasan's total cash in from that event only amounted over $300,000 but that is nothing compared to the happiness that a glimmering golden bracelet brought to his colorful Poker career.

Most of Hasan's wins are credited to his wonderful ability of memorizing his opponents' moves. He never sticks to a single tactic. For him, the outcome of every Poker game is only detected while you are actually in it. No amount of preparation could snatch a win. But an open mind always does. That's Hasan's guiding principle, which kept him alive all these years. For sure, we will see more of him in the years to come. The guy is serious about Poker and he has no plans of quitting anytime soon.

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