No Limit Tactics: Playing Queens to Pocket Pairs

After Aces and Kings, Queens down to the pocket pairs can be considered some of the best hands in No Limit. While they are obviously not as powerful as Aces or Kings, they can be effective, provided the correct No Limit strategies are used.

A lot of new players, use a No Limit strategy wherein they end up going all in with any type of face card, and folding pocket pairs. This is something that you should avoid.

When it comes to QQs, JJs or QJs, a lot of players, as stated, raise with them, but the chances of someone holding Aces or Kings that can beat them can be high. The best No Limit strategy, therefore, would be to limp with them to the pot. In this way, if an Ace or King appears on the flop, you will know your position in the game instantly, at a reduced cost.

However, if your hand is superior to the flop, then you can make a raise, although the amount should be dependent on the actions of the other players. For the right amount of raise, you have to be in a late position.

For pocket pairs, the No Limit strategy will depend on the values and players. If you have 55s and below, and the table is very loose, then you should fold. If you are holding 77s up and the table is quite tight, then you can go for the set on the flop.

If you get the set on the flop, your No Limit strategy would be to play it slow, especially if there are face cards too. The reason is that those who get high pairs via the face cards on the flop will raise, thinking they have the best hand.

Of course, you should check the board for any potential straight or flushes. If there is the possibility, then you should fold, but also consider that if you are holding the set, there exists the possibility of getting four of a kind or the full house. In this case, your No Limit strategy will be dependent on the odds.

The best scenario of course, is to go to the river with your full house versus a board full of suits or straights. If this happens, simply let them raise and then go all in.

The way in which you can play and win without using the Ace or King as primary hands shows the richness and complexity within No Limit.

While this can confound other players, it only serves to strengthen the good players, and you become one by knowing that there hands to play beyond the Ace and the King.

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