A Primer On The Game Of Poker

Since time immemorial, card games have penetrated all the cultures of the world. Young and elderly women indulged for fun in simple card games and filled in with talks of juicy gossips. These card games were simple to play, not much skill is needed except to match pictures or numbers of the same category. Even children in their formative years have experienced and played very simple card games for schoolwork and playtime.

As the years evolved the art of card playing has evolved into a more serious tome. It now included placing bets on the side. And one of the more famous card game is poker.

What is Poker?

Poker is a card game that involves deep thinking. One has to know how to arrange ones cards. Poker is for a matured person to play. One needs o exercise their own set of cards. In a poker game bluffing is the art of making a false facial or physical impression to offset an opponent to make a wrong move into an advantage. Putting on a straight face, an expression of a smile or lifting an eyebrow or a frown are some of the "bluffing methods".

Tactfulness and discipline and patience plays an important role. One must not let go until the last card has been laid down as in a flush or straight arrangement.

Poker has earned a name for its high stake betting. To the disadvantages of a poor loser, one can start to recover losses by betting their personal assets to the max. Even doubting the bet could mean a gesture of manhood and sportsman like attitude. The gambler knows when to assume the position of winning or losing so that one does not jeopardize their status as a person. Great is the man who can win in the midst of all the odds.

Why is a round of poker so consuming?

Often times as seen in the movies, the poker player uis seen smoking a pipe at their leisure or is seen taking a stroll or is dining alone and thinking of ways to defeat their opponents. One know that in order to win the game one must decide to disregard a card or to keep it.

For people with the excess funds, they may call each loss as easy money lost and continue to play until they are bored with the game or have run out of funds to play.

Poker is a game that demands a person to play seriously but with the fun of knowing that one is in for a good time.

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